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Affordable hosting services and web design products.
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SOLID STATE SERVERS - Lightning Fast affordable website hosting solutions for businesses seeking
reliable hosting solutions on all hosting platforms including Linux and Windows hosting servers.

New Sites - Web Design Options

New websites and web designs for your business. Here at Red Engine, we provide a fast and reliable service for clients wanting new websites and web designs. An idea in the morning can mean your site is active and ready for content by the end of the day!

Complete Joomla! CMS Installation

  • Choice of available design templates customised to suit your immediate requirements,
  • Choice of components and modules to add more site features (depending on template module layout and positioning),
  • Option to add new components, modules and other plug-ins or extensions to enhance your site,
  • Free support with hosting can be used for updates and changes to your site including installing new web design templates.

Basic Installation*

Get started today with the latest Joomla! CMS platform with 3 pre-installed templates

*Only available with our Basic Hosting package and includes:

  • Joomla! 1.5.x (Latest Edition Only);
  • Start with an empty site or pre-load sample data;
  • Choice of web design templates, each with options:
    • Purity (Floating or fixed width style with several colour choices)
    • Venus (Fixed width style with several colour choices)

Basic Installation with Basic Hosting suitable for creating and managing your own site.

New Site Installation*

Complete site configuration including content with SEO - (Includes Basic Installation)

*Available with any Business Hosting package and includes:

  • Content and Images with SEO
  • Web Design Template Selection:
    • Venus Pro or
    • Purity II
  • Other templates (designs) available on request
  • Choice of Components, selection include:
    • Community Builder,
    • JoomGallery,
    • JComments,
    • AllVideosReloaded
  • Other extensions available on request


New Cart Installation*

Configuration, Design and Sample Product Items - (Includes Basic Installation)

*Available with any Business Hosting package and includes:

  • Joomla! 1.5.x (Latest Edition Only) Configuration
  • Virtuemart (Latest Edition Only) Configuration
  • Sample Product Items


New Web Designs and Commercial Templates

Before committing to a custom web design consider searching through the commercial templates available for purchase online. These Joomla! templates are all easy to customise and there is almost an unlimited choice of layouts with colour selections.

Price difference between customised commercial and new can be up to a ten fold difference for essentially the same thing, not to mention the continued support and updates to the template provided by the supplier for free.


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Web Design Services

Add Joomla! Extensions to your site. Joomla! Extensions are Components, Modules and Plugins that easily add new options to your site.

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How to Generate Better Content

Stop viewing your marketing with a campaign mindset (with a beginning, middle and end) and adopt a long-term perpetual strategy, that involves lots of interesting online content to keep visitors – and customers – engaging with your business.

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