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SEO Demonstration

Page Content with SEO Demonstration

How to create site name, home page and first new article

Your site must have content and the content must be relevant! You must have multiple pages, each linked to a menu item. Images are important but not as important as providing alternate text and image title in the tags provided. Page titles and page description fields must reflect the page content.

Use the example below to explore how a page can be created to function correctly with regard to page rank and optimisation for search engines.

Site Name - Domain Name

Domain Name is your website name, for example:
Site Name is your business name, for example: My Domain Name Online Business Pty Ltd

Business / Company Name Example

Fox and Dog Pty Ltd

  1. Company Slogan - The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog!
    It may seem obvious to the editor who writes; and the user who reads the page text, but what about the machines that search, rank and list your site on the internet search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  2. Business Category - See how the same information can be used in different ways!
  • Fox and Dog Club - Social, sport, official, major, chess, golf, adult
  • Professional Fox and Dog - Legal, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants
  • Fox and Dog Services - Personnel, Retail, Wholesale, Trade, Commercial
  • Local Fox and Dog Business - Hair salon, multi-level marketing, home business, mobile business
  • Other Fox and Dog Organisations - Charity, Technical, Official and Public

Website Name - If you have "inherited" a domain name like the EXAMPLE next:

Web Design Services

Add Joomla! Extensions to your site. Joomla! Extensions are Components, Modules and Plugins that easily add new options to your site.

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SEO Tips and Tricks

Fox and Dog SEO Example

Have you purchased or "inherited" a domain name for your new business? Are you ready to start creating your new web design?

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